The venue of the conference is the English Park Campus - Centre for the Humanities, the former block of Chemistry where The Svedberg performed his scientific work. The Campus still houses The Svedberg's Ultracentrifuge Museum and The Svedberg Laboratory although the natural science institutions have moved to other localities like the Biomedical Centre and the Ångström Laboratory. Locations can be found on this map.

English Park Campus

Details of the Campus layout are given in the figure below. The workshops will take place at The Svedberg Laboratory, Building no 4 (Hus 4), entrance 3D, and the historical and scientific sessions in the Ihre Lecture Hall (Ihresalen, given in green), preferred entrance 3H. Registrations to the conference will be at TSL on Sunday - Tuesday, and outside the Ihre Hall on Wednesday - Friday. Poster presentations will take place at the lobby of entrance 3D. The poster boards are 80 cm wide and 190 cm high.

Campus Layout

(Click on image for large scale version)